Most of the material on Sitzman ABC is related to culture in some way, but these are the posts that are a little more difficult to classify. They talk about holidays, customs, and other ways in which we use language. They're arranged by topic:

Holidays and Vacations - How to use each of these words, along with some examples
Leap Year - Read this post every four years, just to be prepared
Easter and Easter Break - See "Semana Santa"
Semana Santa and "Holy Week" - How the two phrases are used, and how they aren't used
Daylight Savings Time - A short explanation of why much of the world changes their clocks two times a year
Halloween - The only time it's OK to pretend you're a zombie or Celine Dion
Thanksgiving - A bit more about one of the most important holidays in the USA 

The United Kingdom, Ireland, Britain, England, and Other Confusing Geography Concepts - A look at why the geography of the British Isles is so confusing
Confusing Capitals - In English-speaking places, more often than not the biggest city isn't necessarily the capital

Similarities and Differences, Part 1 - Pronunciation and accent
Similarities and Differences, Part 2 - Vocabulary (and a bit about spelling)

Different Countries, Different Names: The USA - A post about American naming customs
Different Countries, Different Names: Costa Rica - A post about naming customs in Costa Rica and some other Latin American countries
Common Names - Examines some common names in the United States

Are We All "Americans"? - When should you use the word "American"?
Language in Bilingual Couples and Families - What do you do if everyone can speak more than one langugae?
Sarcasm, Irony, and the Importance of Tone - It's not what you say that's important, it's how you say it
"Teacher!" - Why you shouldn't yell "Teacher!" at your English teacher

Football - Football, Soccer, and the differences between the two

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