Common Errors

Here is a list of the Common Errors we've talked about in the blog, in chronological order. I'll continue to update the list as I publish more common errors, and you can always come back to this list by clicking the tab that says "Common Errors" at the top of the blog.

05-Nov-2012: Earn, Win, and Beat

30-Jul-2012: Touch and Feel

09-Jul-2012: Taste, Try, Test, and Prove

02-Jul-2012: Hear vs. Sound

25-Jun-2012: Senses: Hearing (Hear vs. Listen)

18-Jun-2012: Senses: Sight (See vs. Look vs. Watch)

11-Jun-2012: Common Error: News

04-Jun-2012: Common Error: Sense

28-May-2012: Top 5 Mistakes

21-May-2012: High vs. Tall

14-May-2012: Contamination vs. Pollution

30-Apr-2012: Use of the word "Downtown"

23-Apr-2012: Steal vs. Rob

16-Apr-2012: "I" vs. "Me"

09-Apr-2012: "How is...?"

21-Mar-2012: Miss, Mr., Mrs., and Ms.

19-Mar-2012: Addressing a teacher as "Teacher"

12-Mar-2012: Phrases for Introductions

05-Mar-2012: Use vs. Wear

27-Feb-2012: "Use" vs. "Used to" vs. "(To be) used to"

09-Sep-2011: Apostrophes and Plurals

10-Jul-2011: Confusing "Family" Words

24-Jun-2011: Bored vs. Boring (-ed vs. -ing)

09-May-2011: Know vs. Meet, See, and Visit

03-May-2011: Since vs. For

19-Apr-2011: Phrases Related to "Semana Santa"

12-Apr-2011: "How do you call...?"

04-Apr-2011: Bring vs. Take

28-Mar-2011: Remember vs. Remind

21-Mar-2011: Advice vs. Advise

14-Mar-2011: Thank God vs. Thanks God

07-Mar-2011: Confusing grow and grow up

28-Feb-2011: Using have incorrectly

21-Feb-2011: Confusing it's and its

14-Feb-2011: Irregular plurals (man, woman, child, person)

07-Feb-2011: Confusing too, so, and very

31-Jan-2011: Use of third-person verbs

24-Jan-2011: Confusing say, tell, and speak

24-Jan-2011: Confusing listen and hear

18-Jan-2011: Confusing borrow, lend, and loan

24-Dec-2010: Confusing see, look, and watch

12-Dec-2010: Question Word Order