Here is a list of posts related to vocabulary. Also, go to the False Friends page for words that get confused between English and Spanish. 

29-Nov-2012: Trains!

22-Nov-2012: Thanksgiving

31-Oct-2012: Halloween

10-Aug-2012: Senses: "Bad Touch" Vocabulary

03-Aug-2012: Senses: "Neutral Touch" Vocabulary

01-Aug-2012: Senses: "Good Touch" Vocabulary

11-Jul-2012: Senses: Taste Vocabulary

04-Jul-2012: Senses: Smell Vocabulary

27-Jun-2012: Senses: Hearing Vocabulary

21-Jun-2012: Senses: Sight/Vision Vocabulary

13-Jun-2012: Football and Soccer Vocabulary

08-Jun-2012: Environmental Vocabulary

01-Jun-2012: Word Wednesday: "Sibling"

25-May-2012: "Big" Words

18-May-2012: Stomach and Belly Vocabulary

16-May-2012: Vocabulary Related to Waste, Rubbish, and Trash

02-May-2012: Song and Exercise: "Downtown"

02-Apr-2012: Easter Break

28-Mar-2012: Phrases with "like"

26-Mar-2012: Computer Vocabulary

23-Mar-2012: "When in Rome..."

21-Mar-2012: Miss, Mr., Mrs., Ms. (Titles in English)

12-Mar-2012: Phrases for Introductions

07-Mar-2012: Important Vocabulary: "a pair of..."

05-Mar-2012: "use" vs. "wear"

29-Feb-2012: Leap Year

17-Feb-2012: Yiddish loanwords in English

24-Aug-2011: Naming customs in the U.S.A.

10-Aug-2011: Naming customs in Costa Rica

02-Aug-2011: Holidays and vacations

29-Jul-2011: Online practice: esl-lab.com and engvid.com

18-Jun-2011: Loanwords, part 4: German words in English

15-Jun-2011: Loanwords, part 3: Spanish words in English

12-Jun-2011: Loanwords, part 2: French "-et" words

05-Jun-2011: Loanwords intro

01-Jun-2011: procrastinate

09-May-2011: know, meet, see, visit

03-May-2011: since, for

19-Apr-2011: "semana santa"

04-Apr-2011: bring, take

28-Mar-2011: remember, remind

07-Mar-2011: grow up, grow

28-Feb-2011: Use of "have"

21-Feb-2011: it's, its

14-Feb-2011: Irregular plurals

07-Feb-2011: so, too, very

24-Jan-2011: say, tell, speak

24-Jan-2011: listen, hear

18-Jan-2011: borrow, lend, loan

24-Dec-2010: see, look, watch