Monday, April 4, 2011

Common Error: "Bring" vs. "Take"

It's Mistake Monday again! Today's error is surprisingly common, but fortunately it's also easy to fix. Let's take a look:

Common Error: Bring vs. Take
DON’T say this:Thank you very much for taking me here.
If you're going downtown, can you bring me to the bus stop?
WHY?-Take means to move something away from where you are now. Remember the phrase "take this away from me."

-Bring means to move something from a different place to where you are now. Use the phrase "bring that to me" to help you remember.
INSTEAD, SAY THIS:-"Thank you very much for bringing me here." (After someone gives you a ride, for example).
-"If you're going downtown, can you take me to the bus stop?"

Easy, right? I hope you can all take the tips in today's common error and use them to improve your English.
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  1. This one is so hard to get right mostly because we often don't realize there's any difference between them at all. You said it concisely, though--I may share this link.

  2. Thanks! Please feel free to do so.


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