Sunday, November 20, 2011

False Friend: Fábrica vs. Fabric

Hello! Today we have another quick False Friend. If you don't know what a False Friend is, see this introductory post. Today we're going to look at the difference between fábrica in Spanish and fabric in English. These two words also look very similar: 

False Friend: fábrica vs. fabric 
This SPANISH word...
Looks like this ENGLISH word...
...but they are DIFFERENT because...
In English, fabric is a noun; synonyms include cloth or textile:
"I need to go to the fabric store to buy some material to make a pair of pants."

In Spanish, fábrica is a noun that means factory or mill:
"Trabajo en la fábrica de zapatos."
("I work in the shoe factory.")

One more note: the verb "fabricar" in Spanish is very similar to "fabricate" in English, but the meaning is often different.
"fabricar" is normally translated as "produce" in English, because "fabricate" often means to invent a false story or to tell a lie!

A roll of fabric. Photo credit.
Good luck! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, but do understand I may be slow in responding. If you have suggestions for other False Friends or Common Errors, please tell me. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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